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Say hello to Eve V9 body by Ginger Chevalier of Absolut Creation.
Besides having a unique, sexy and detailed shape, a full-featured HUD with layer controls, a large alpha control tab with plenty of sections, and bento hand poses, the HUD allows you to create poses for the hands yourself – an option previously only offered by 3rd-party vendors. There is also an option allowing visual evidence of three different stages of sexual arousal, which is pretty cool for those who enjoy roleplaying adult activities. 😉

The body is also Omega-compatible, allowing you to wear either skins made specifically for Eve, or other Omega-compatible mesh body skins such as the excellent Essences, GA.EG, and l’Atelier.

The body pack includes two versions, Slim and “Pulpy” (with shapes for each to get you started), lingerie, and clothing items.

Personally I am pretty excited to add this body to my collection, and you can too, for a very reasonable price considering all that is included. You can buy Eve at the Absolut Creations mainstore, or on Marketplace although only Pulpy version is available as a single body purchase on MP: Both Slim and PulpyPulpy

Also featured in this image is KULA’s Zipper Choker, which comes in seven different color options. This item is available 11/2-11/8 at the fi*Friday event.

The final featured item is KULA’s Diovinity Spell. a lush two-toned matte lipstick with six options for Catwa, Omega, and standard avis. This item will be available at the Savoir Faire event, which runs 11/10-11/30.


Mesh Body and lingerie: Absolut Creation – EVE pulpy V9

Hair: Analog Dog – lure

Head: LAQ – Bento – Motion Capture – Nyx

Lips: KULA – Diovinity Spell (@ Savoir Faire Event)

Choker: KULA – Zipper Choker (@ fi*Friday event)

Sex Or Versatility

I agree with Linda – we should be allowed to wear what we want in SL without being shamed for it. The only thing anyone should be shamed for is bad styling! :p

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This weekend, I saw a notice for an upcoming modeling workshop in SL that will include a discussion about some different things such as clothing and events, etc.  Also in the notice a specific event was named (Whore Couture) along with the question – “Is that how you want to present your avi?”  


Since I won’t be attending the workshop I’m going to give my feelings on the topic right here.  With the introduction of mesh bodies a few years ago, the SL trend has definitely seemed to have exploded towards sexy clothing to show off our realistic attributes.  Even so, I think we should keep in mind that there’s a difference between sexual and sensual.   Since It’s a proven fact that if you give 2 people the same outfit, you’ll end up with 2 different looks, you could choose to look like a hooker –…

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