The love affair continues


I’ve written on a number of applications for modeling opportunities that Vero Modero was the store that awoke my desire to pursue a modeling career in Second Life. Walking through that store during my first hunt, the Runway Perfect hunt, and seeing the MVW 2012 gowns, as well as all the other garments available, powerfully brought home to me what fashion in Second Life was about. I had seen clothing in other stores whose workmanship I admired, but there is such a variety of styles, all such great quality, so beautiful, at Vero Modero, that I realized how happy it would make me to be able to represent and help promote the beautiful fashion art I was seeing. I signed up for the MVW Academy and haven’t looked back.

This dress in particular expresses a sensuality and femininity far surpassing many things I’ve worn. Wearing it makes me feel like a goddess! There is simplicity about it, and risk. It can be as formal as you like, or be interpreted as silks. Be prepared to encounter attempts to own you. Do perform belly dances. In a way, it is so different from anything else VM produces, but that is one of the things I love about them – they aren’t satisfied to turn out the same thing month after month. It’s so exciting!

Dress: Vero Modero Leylak Soft Pink
Hair 2: Vanity Hair Wake Up Alone Feux
Necklace: Baiastice Gem Necklace

Photo: Kimmy Inkpen

MVW Final – Vero Modero and Bliss



So after the first two days of Class 105 for MVW, during which I failed to impress Frolic with my brilliant styling and masterful manipulation of my shape (so kidding right now), I panicked and was graciously afforded a substantial amount of time with Kay Fairey Earnshaw, who was one of my instructors. Although she had had almost no sleep the night before, she worked with me and some of my fellow students on our shapes until we all looked like the supermodels we wanted to be. I needed more help than anyone! When she was done Kay gave me a lovely pep talk, the details of which I won’t disclose, but at the end of it I felt like I was pretty well prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our third day of 105 was our walk, and we were challenged to create a look that might appear on the cover of Vogue magazine, from any time period. This is the outfit I ended up with – and I passed! So I guess I did something right 🙂

Dress: Vero Modero Zoe Gown
Wrap: Bliss Couture Ruffle Mini Coat (torso made invisible)
Gloves: Ezura + Dragoness Black Gloves
Jewelry: Finesmith Mary Pearl necklace, earrings and bracelets
Hair: Exile Eva/blackberry (free!)
Makeup: Jade Lips: Sexy Red; Miamai Catwalk Lashes Glitter 02
Skin: Jannah – Aira Skin C

Radiant alien


July 2012 – These images mark my first meeting with Eshi Otawara. Eshi’s dresses are nothing short of spectacular, each one a complete expression of fashion art. This makes them challenging to style – you don’t want to add anything that upsets the perfect balance of color, shape and texture. I’ve just added some hair and lips to this amazing creation’s swirls of texture and color, reminiscent of some kind of wonderful mantis or, as I dubbed it on the day Eshi, two other women – lucky first buyers – and I tp’d around the grid descending upon unsuspecting Earthlings in our various colors of Radiant, Venus Man Trap.

Dress: Eshi Otawara Radiant Green
Hair: Wasabi Pills Ran Leaf
Boots: Similar Bellona Boots Black
Makeup: Pink Acid Gummy Bear Lip Gloss – Mint; R.icielli – HOT COLORS Make-up/GoldenEyes

Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly


May 15, 2012. Fell in love with all colors of this dress when Gizza first put it out. It’s on sale now – lots of lovely colors – go, run, run! It looks great just by itself or you could dress it up with a hat for an Easter parade.

Dress: Gizza LolliPop Pinky
Hat: Alb Anika Hat lolly by AnaLee Balut
Earrings: Mandal Leather Feather Earrings – pink
Stockings: Vextra Fencenet Stockings – White, Vextra Suspender basics – white
Boots: BAX Ankle Boots Metallic Rose
Makeup: R.icielli – GORGEOUS Makeups / Lipstick 04 + Shadow 07
Tatts: SYS Holotatto – Butterfly

Finesmith meets Marsville

ImageMay 18, 2012 –

An attempt to combine futuristic grunge with high-fashion edge. Perfect for stalking Hollywood Boulevard on a summer Friday pre magic hour. Now thinking this could have used some kind of trench coat… the desert cities are cool at night.

Main outfit, boots: GC Marsville Grey
Jewelry: Finesmith Folieole: Coral (Earrings and Necklace); Folieole Black Leather Bracelet; Here Comes the Sun Ring – Blood
Belt: Maitreya Leather Belt – Faded Red (colored)
Hair: Truth – Pamela – Platinum
Lips: R.icelli EOS redvelvet

gothy strawberry



May 12, 2012 – Having fun with a goth look. No lungs were harmed in the making of this style.

Top: Lapointe “Silk Rose” Black Bodice
Bottom: Curious Kitties Simple Black Skirt (color added)
Boots: Toxic Kitty Vicious Boots
Stockings: ImmateriA ~A little mess~ {purple floral}
Jewelry – BodyCult Pearl Hearts; “V” Blood Drop Necklace; O-Ring Bracelets
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea[[Strawberry]]
Skin: Tuty’s Lucine’s Gothic Skin – Heartbreak
Duh! Finger tape and Black nails
Pink Acid Gummy Bear Lip Gloss and Eyelashes; Vox Diva Eyelashes
Eclectic Madness Cigarette Holder – Red

Springtime Pulse


April 29, 20012 – A pensive moment at the Pulse sim, wearing a skin and dress by the profoundly gifted Lorac Farella. Very little makeup worn so you can see the beautiful quality of the skin.

Dress: Pulse Auverse Poppy Purple

Skin: Pulse Stela Freckled No. 1

Hair: Truth Marianne Cherry