gothy strawberry



May 12, 2012 – Having fun with a goth look. No lungs were harmed in the making of this style.

Top: Lapointe “Silk Rose” Black Bodice
Bottom: Curious Kitties Simple Black Skirt (color added)
Boots: Toxic Kitty Vicious Boots
Stockings: ImmateriA ~A little mess~ {purple floral}
Jewelry – BodyCult Pearl Hearts; “V” Blood Drop Necklace; O-Ring Bracelets
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Hydrangea[[Strawberry]]
Skin: Tuty’s Lucine’s Gothic Skin – Heartbreak
Duh! Finger tape and Black nails
Pink Acid Gummy Bear Lip Gloss and Eyelashes; Vox Diva Eyelashes
Eclectic Madness Cigarette Holder – Red

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