Radiant alien


July 2012 – These images mark my first meeting with Eshi Otawara. Eshi’s dresses are nothing short of spectacular, each one a complete expression of fashion art. This makes them challenging to style – you don’t want to add anything that upsets the perfect balance of color, shape and texture. I’ve just added some hair and lips to this amazing creation’s swirls of texture and color, reminiscent of some kind of wonderful mantis or, as I dubbed it on the day Eshi, two other women – lucky first buyers – and I tp’d around the grid descending upon unsuspecting Earthlings in our various colors of Radiant, Venus Man Trap.

Dress: Eshi Otawara Radiant Green
Hair: Wasabi Pills Ran Leaf
Boots: Similar Bellona Boots Black
Makeup: Pink Acid Gummy Bear Lip Gloss – Mint; R.icielli – HOT COLORS Make-up/GoldenEyes

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