The love affair continues


I’ve written on a number of applications for modeling opportunities that Vero Modero was the store that awoke my desire to pursue a modeling career in Second Life. Walking through that store during my first hunt, the Runway Perfect hunt, and seeing the MVW 2012 gowns, as well as all the other garments available, powerfully brought home to me what fashion in Second Life was about. I had seen clothing in other stores whose workmanship I admired, but there is such a variety of styles, all such great quality, so beautiful, at Vero Modero, that I realized how happy it would make me to be able to represent and help promote the beautiful fashion art I was seeing. I signed up for the MVW Academy and haven’t looked back.

This dress in particular expresses a sensuality and femininity far surpassing many things I’ve worn. Wearing it makes me feel like a goddess! There is simplicity about it, and risk. It can be as formal as you like, or be interpreted as silks. Be prepared to encounter attempts to own you. Do perform belly dances. In a way, it is so different from anything else VM produces, but that is one of the things I love about them – they aren’t satisfied to turn out the same thing month after month. It’s so exciting!

Dress: Vero Modero Leylak Soft Pink
Hair 2: Vanity Hair Wake Up Alone Feux
Necklace: Baiastice Gem Necklace

Photo: Kimmy Inkpen

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