Autumn Comfort and Beauty





Such wonderful discoveries in the last month! A friend introduced me to  Gwen Carillon Designs, where I discovered the most beautiful lingerie (will be blogging about it soon!) and met the owner, who is a bona fide Renaissance woman – her clothing is amazing, and she also makes beautiful digital sculptures, which you can view on her sim, across from her store; dj’s every Wednesday night at her pub (and the woman has a voice of pure gold); and writes the most amazing poetry. I’m featuring some lovely Sophiste sweaters she’s created for autumn in these photos. They come in a number of gorgeous colors and you can wear them with or with out the sexyfun furry cuffs. They dress up or down beautifully – should be a wardrobe staple!

I also met the amazingly talented Nakia Decosta, of Russh Lussh fame. She just opened a store showcasing her already well-known excellent makeup, but which also includes fabulous dresses, jewelry and other adornments. The store opened with a very generous ‘sploder (it was almost like being on Oprah!) and Nakia offered me the lovely new Bruno lips, which I’m featuring here. The colors are unique and interesting, with the quality we’ve come to expect from Russh Lussh. The lips appear natural, moist and inviting, without looking too glossy or gooey.

I’m also featuring makeup from the always wonderful mock costmetics. Mocksoup Graves was at Collabor88 and shared a new eye look with me (Miss Vanity in Original Purple) and it went so well with the Sophiste Amethyst sweater I was wearing I used it here. I’m also wearing Autumn Festivale eyeshadows in the other pics. I just love her makeup and her makeovers are really inspiring!

Fun hair discoveries! The super-short look is by DECO – I actually bought this in grey for my partner, and it ended up in my inventory instead! No transfer of course… I bought him another one and tried it on – and to my surprise I really liked it! It comes in a number of colors including grey and the Ember red I’m wearing. [Edit: The hairstyle is not in the store apparently, but it is on Marketplace – DECO Mesh Raked Up Hair.]
With the Cinnamon Sophiste sweater, I’m wearing some hair I picked up from Burley, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of but for me it was a suggestion by the amazing Ewan Crumb that led me to discover it. Lastly, if you haven’t checked out  L+N you are missing out on some wonderful avant-garde garb and beautiful hair. Some of the items are quite pricey but their hair is very reasonable and unique. Make sure to listen to the store’s music 🙂

Another first for me this month was a visit to Collabor88, where you can find some brand new creations at ridiculously low prices every month. Many items are only L$88, some even less. I think I bought something from everyone! Skirts, shoes, hair, and jewelry are featured, as well as furniture and other items. I’m featuring a brand new skirt from The Sea Hole, which always offers really nicely made things, and getting better all the time. Also seen here from Collabor88 are some awesome bell bottom jeans with an embroidered insert from Auxiliary.

Going to post this now – I will add the style details soon! And I have so much more to post – so many wonderful discoveries to share with you!

Edit: As promised – here are the style details!

Gwen Carillon Designs – Sophiste Scoop Sweater – Jade
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
[Auxiliary]Belted Bells – Olive [from Collabora88]
[mock] eShadow Fall Festivale Green 2
Russh Lussh Bruno Lips – Nicole
-Glam Affair- Seul Ankle Boots in Mojave [from Collabora88]
:: PM :: Frozen Dew Jewelry – Bronze
DECO – MESH Raked Up Hair (ember)
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue

GCD – Sophiste Scoop Sweater – Cinnamon
The Sea Hole – Painted Desert (MESH) Mini – Desert Sky [from Collabora88]
Ingenue :: Clodia :: Boot Base
Fall – :. Tights 2 (color edited)
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Russh Lussh Bruno Lips – Tina
[mock] Autumn Pallette Glace Makeover
GeWunjo : Celine blue earrings and necklace
GeWunjo : Juliana blue belt
Ingenue :: Clodia ankle boots – Lake [from Collabora88]
[BURLEY] Lola Red
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue

Gwen Carillon Designs – Sophiste Scoop Sweater – Amethyst
MEB : Suede Skirt Oxblood
J’s Thigh High BOOTS –  Bordeaux
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
No.9 Nylons Cuban Heel Pantyhose III *wineberry* 30den (legs)
Russh Lussh Bruno Lips Tina
[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with Lashes [Original Purple]
OPIUM Everyday Stone Choker (Amethyst)
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue