Miele Gown by Gwen Carillon


One of the challenging things for me in the pageant wasn’t actually finding sponsors. It seems like around pageants, designers and creators are very willing to offer their support, since it potentially means that their work will be displayed in a high-profile event (although in the case of this pageant, everything happened pretty much in secret… so many little idiosyncrasies…)
However – if one asks for something, one had better be prepared to know what one is asking for – and provide the information necessary for your sponsor to give you what you need. And I also learned – try to avoid making your sponsors have to work together… they may have completely different schedules, workflows, temperaments… Most importantly, be organized and don’t expect your sponsor to initiate the conversations – you need to stay on top of the progress.

There are a number of different ways you might be sponsored. Depending on what you need, a designer might offer you something they have already made, especially if there is a time crunch. One of my sponsors ended up actually mentoring me in some very helpful ways.

Of course the most exciting form of sponsorship is for the designer to actually make something from scratch just for you. I think many models dream of this kind of thing – I know I have! It is a wonderful honor when it happens. The gown I’m wearing in this post is the Miele Gown created for me by Gwen Carillon of Gwen Carillon Designs. Gwen has been a creator and designer in Second Life for years – she makes the most gorgeous lingerie and clothing, creates sculpture and poetry, and dj’s regularly at her sim (she has a marvelous voice!) Previously Gwen created entire sims, incredibly beautiful too.

Fire Queen Jewelry detail

Gwen also created the jewelry I’m wearing in this post, especially for the dress. I ended up wearing a Finesmith set for the pageant, because its boldness read better from the stage. The jewelry Gwen made is very delicate, as you can see from the detail pic. All in all it’s such an exquisitely detailed ensemble, and I’m so delighted and honored to have it named after me!

Style card to follow.

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