a very ribbon


“I love it but… I don’t know about that yellow ribbon… I want to take it off” I said.

My wise friend said, “But it adds color. I like it!”

“Oh, okay” I said, not really convinced. But when you receive something to style for a magazine shoot, you go with it. A nice challenge! 

I started to think about that ribbon. The swimsuit is lovely, sort of a leopard print with a soft blush suffusing it, a sexy flush. It would be just fine without that ribbon. But there it is.

And then it occurred to me… Shakespeare’s plays, unlike modern plays, don’t have a lot of stage direction. In modern plays, stage direction can help you understand what’s going on. But with Shakespeare, you have to read and study the play to get your stage direction and clues to your character and the story, the emotional truth behind the words. Once you understand those cues and clues, creating the character can be much easier; you know better what choices to make. And the yellow ribbon in my swimsuit was my styling cue. Made it very easy!

I kinda dig the yellow ribbon now…


*VoguE* Zara Swimsuit
Vanity Hair:Visionaire-Feux
FINESMITH- Let it drop earrings
{T a r a} Equilibrium Spike Shoes 
[theSkinnery]Voluptous lip junkie – lipstick 14
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
ATIA CREATIONS Relaxed Lashes – Tintable

One thought on “a very ribbon

  1. i went to the VougE store, but did not find this swimsuit, do yo know how i can buy it?

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