Did you know that some believe that wearing peacock feathers is bad luck? Especially in theatre – they’re not allowed on stage. But others believe that peacock feathers protect our psychic health, and keep them in their homes… peacock lore

Gosh I have so many wonderful outfits to share with you – but Jule Hastings just sent me the finished product from our shoot a couple of weeks ago, so here it is. I seem to be attracted to peacock colors lately – one of my bedrooms is decorated in that theme, and I often find myself choosing peacock colors to dress myself. They’re a pretty joyful natural combination  – definitely not bland 🙂 I wanted to wear a White Widow face makeup for our shoot, since it’s Julie’s baby. So many gorgeous offerings there – and when I saw the peacock style I knew what my dress would be 🙂

I don’t know about you but I just drool when I’m in the Fellini Couture store. Every dress is a work of art, and has its own unique personality. I own a number of her gowns and I really need to blog them! So special. The Blue Bird gown is no exception. I decided to forgo the headpiece, for the sake of a more intimate expression, and added a fan, ‘cos I’m a flirt. This one is from Urid Dal’s Hat Shop. He’s got other things there – vintage-style hats, some canes and umbrellas – but it seems his specialty is these fans, which come in many different colors and a few styles. You can carry it closed or open.

I have to tell you about the shoes. They are from Firebird Designs, simple and nicely shaped and textured as you see – didn’t want to get too complex because there’s plenty going on with the outfit. I got them on Marketplace, and what do you suppose the packaging was?




Apparently it says something when you open it… I didn’t hear it ‘cos I had the sound off… something for you to discover if you buy the shoes 😉

Working with Julie was lovely. I have enjoyed all the photographers I’ve worked with so far, and they all have their different styles. Some like to be very quiet and concentrate; others like to chat; Julie is of the latter type. So we talked about life and love and art… it was a very nice time.

The jewelry is from Lazuri… this stuff is *amazing*! It’s texture change so you can have many different color combinations, and you can also change the configuration of the jewelry for a different look.

Love this hair from D!va! It had just the right color and dramatic flair I was looking for. And of course here you can see the detail of Julie’s wonderful peacock tattoo…

I’ll have some more for you soon… a pre-summer look, and some outfits for the Allure show I was in this weekend. Enjoy your week!

Fellini Couture– Blue Bird gown
[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Peacock Green
Vox Long Eyelashes
[theSkinnery]Voluptous lip junkie – lipstick 16
Lazuri Noor Mystic Infinity Jewelry set
Urid Dal’s Hat Shop – Peacock Feather Fan 2.0
“”D!va”” Hair “Natsuki2” (Garnet)(Type B)
*Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails
Firebird Designs – FBD Plateau pump –  Peacock

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