Vero Modero’s Summery Miss


I have been a fan of Vero Modero since I became active again in Second Life in early 2012.  The quality and variety of their offerings is astounding, and it was in exploring the store during a Runway Perfect hunt that I realized I definitely wanted to be a model in Second Life, and help the designers I love bring their creations to the public. Vero Modero offers almost everything you might require for your wardrobe, from sleek and elegant casual wear to sensual and romantic gowns. Bouquet Babii is always generous with her group gifts too. 

This summer’s offerings continue the tradition of classic glamour for which Vero Modero is known. From the INYT Collection, donated by Vero Modero specially for the I Am Not Your Toy event, one of my favorites is the Missy Stamp dress, a close-fitting dress blooming with a complex pattern calling to mind the Art Nouveau period and reflecting the fashionable colors of Summer 2013.  The big floppy hat included with the outfit further reinforces the impression of early-20th-century glamour.

Now let me talk about these shoes. They are simply awesome, no? Here’s the amazing part: these pumps by Gos, which come in a wide array of colors, include a HUD that instantly lets you match the skin color against one of hundreds in a database. They have virtually every skin maker in that db and every skin tone. Find it, select it, save it. Anytime you wear another pair of Gos shoes or mesh feet, you can simply click one of your saved skin tones and it will instantly match, no adjusting. Hope everyone gets around to implementing this because crimony, that adjustment can get really time consuming!

I love supporting Gos because not only is the quality of their work tremendous, but proceeds from their sales go to charity. I’d buy their shoes anyway but this makes it even sweeter. 🙂

Go have a look at Vero Modero soon – there’s lots of great new stuff available right now that is so classic and versatile it will carry you through this summer and onward!