Velvet Ink Poses – coming soon!


This weekend or thereabouts, Dimitri Shinn will be opening his new pose shop, Velvet Ink, to the public. There will be poses for both men and women, as well as couples.

Dimitri, like me, is a perfectionist, so you won’t find any half-arsed poses there. The pics above are poses that are from both his men’s and women’s collection, although they could be considered unisex I think! Velvet Ink Poses will live in the Snatch sim – I will post an surl when the shop opens. Come take a look and grab a free couples pose 😉

So why the shiny shiny gloves, you ask? Well, for a long time I have been wanting to recreate an image done by my avi’s inspiration, Edita Vilkeviciute. The seated pose is a nigh-perfect copy of her pose in the pic – and my outfit is a close approximation of hers.  [ – page 5, somewhere in the middle. Start from the beginning though 😉 ]

My lingerie is by Gwen Carillon, who readers of my blog might remember designed a gorgeous gown for me earlier this year. Her lingerie is nothing short of perfection – exquisitely detailed, with many wearing options. Gwen puts her heart and soul into each of her creations, and they are all versatile and easy to wear.

My gloves are from KK FetishDoll. What a huge store! They have just about every kind of latex and rubber item you could possibly imagine. The owner gifted me with a full-body catsuit which I used in a photo posted to Flickr – it’s a bit kinky and weird, tiny bit NSFW (nipples!), but I had fun with it 😉  I should tell you – I believe this place is the only one that has such shiny shiny gloves. ^_^

My glasses are from Gos. Gos is the source of much goodness, mostly shoe goodness (which is some of the best goodness there is) but they also have other offerings. These glasses are just as well made as their shoes, and have many options to change their look.
Shiny shiny shoes to go with the shiny shiny gloves can be found at VvB Design. I searched pretty extensively for this shoe; there are some other places where you can find a similar shoe but this one just felt exactly right. The owner, Viktoria Brandenburg, takes pride in providing some of the best and most detailed latex and clubwear in SL.

Had to have sexy bare parted lips for the seated pic. The gloss and teeth lip tattoo are from Dead Apples.
Hair from one of my favorite stores completes this look – booN has a variety of very natural-looking and flattering styles. At first glance you might be disappointed in the color selections, but get this – both the hair and the hairbases can be tinted to the shade you like best; just make a copy, rename it, change the color and you’re in business.

I will have some nice things coming from .Shi soon so stay tuned 😉

Velvet Ink Poses – 3 poses: It Doesn’t Matter; Tilted; I’m All Here. (surl coming soon!)

Gwen Carillon Designs – Jonquil Noir Lingerie
KK FetishDoll Latex Long Gloves Black
[Gos] Custom Eyewear v5.0b CATEYE
VvB 6inch COURT Shoe BLACK
{D.A} Lipgloss & Teeth
booN ODU611 hair chestnut

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