wind on sea

wind on sea


Violator-Butterfly Legere-Virginal White
[europa] WHITE Archon wings
!Silken Moon GothSha 8
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet

countdown majestic noir gown


Taken at Neva Sky Villi .


Countdown. Majestic Noir Gown
analog dog trouble clef paprika
Izzie’s – Fuyu Lipstick – Wine
SSD ~ Frills ~ Vixen Stiletto Sandals ~ Black Diamond
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet

another love

dead dollz Rowena gown

I wanna sing a song, that’d be just ours
But I sang ’em all to another heart
And I wanna cry, I wanna fall in love
But all my tears have been used up

Location: Daoinhe Sidhe

Finesmith Amira Necklace, Zibska Swoozy Hair


Dead Dollz Rowena Gown
KOOQLA Liquid shadow 03, Mango lips 03
FINESMITH Amira earrings and necklace,  AWAKE bracelet
Zibska Swoozy ~ Red
Slink Mesh Hand & Feet


Queen of Spiders

Queen of Spiders

I know I am in the minority when I say I think spiders are pretty cool. When Sofia sent me this dress I bet she worried I might find it too eepy to wear, but she picked the right girl for this gown. Not that I would want to have giant black widows crawling on me irl… but look how shiny! That said – I usually prefer jumping spiders and tarantulas – so fuzzy, nice little characters. What, you want the world should be overrun with bugs? Appreciate!

Happy Hallowe’en to those who celebrate 😀 I love this season – only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving, then my real life birthday, and not long after that, Christmas! And New Year’s Eve… so much chocolate and champagne in my near future hehehee…. But Hallowe’en’s my favorite – I love dressing up.

This pic was taken at Bentham Forest. The description is “dark haunted fantasy forest”, so I guess it’s like this all year. It’s one of the nicest sims of its sort in SL, but also is very highly detailed – might be a challenge for a weaker graphics card – be warned.


.:(CW):. Marry the Night Gown and accessories
Natzuka [makeup] – Shine BLack lips
+ Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + – + Sinner Hands Gloves + Black
Boudoir – Madam Pompadour Hair Powder and Serious vamp lashes
Vendome Jewelry – SPIDRA Ring and Armband
TuTy’s – LUCINE Gothic skin – Stellar

next best thing to bare feet

Fara dress - white_003

This past weekend I attended the wedding of some friends – lovely, short, sweet and very small. We were all barefoot and wore white while witnessing the wedding on a pier overlooking the wide blue ocean. I grabbed my dress from Marketplace since it’s the fastest way to sift through the options, and, amongst the plethorae of slutty white minis and wedding gowns, I found a lovely full-perm mesh dress by Meli Imako (who also goes by Lika Meili ), a gifted mesh designer who makes all kinds of cool stuff.

Fara dress - white_005

After the wedding I wanted to use it in a blog, and realized I haven’t given love to Sax Shepherd in some time, and really should because he makes such perfectly lovely, feminine delicate little shoes. (He’s also given me some jewelry to blog so I’ll get that done soon too.) These work so well with the KOSH Nebula and Rapture jewelry. They’re SLink compatible and come in many different color combinations.
Fara dress - white_007

If you haven’t visited the Baja Norte sim, you should make time to do it. It was lovingly created to resemble as closely as possible a real place, an environment of soft light and peace. Also awesome for photography 🙂


Meli Imako Farah Dress White
{Dead Apples} Balm Stains – Natural – Medium
ATIA CREATIONS Relaxed Lashes – Tintable
KOSH– NEBULA Bracelet,  Necklace and Ring, Rapture Earrings
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet
SSD ~ Frills ~ Vixen Stiletto Sandals ~ Dark Turquoise
Hair – Analog Dog trouble clef paprika

Dreams do come true


When I became active in Second Life again last year, I became fascinated by the creations of many clothing designers. Mesh had not yet become such an important part of the fashion landscape, and the creations of Carrie Snowpaw drew me to her store daily. I dreamed of being one of the models in her vendors. Her clothing is incredibly beautiful and feminine, and her pricing, along with her nightly Midnight Mania and free offerings,  enables every woman, full-size to petite, to own beautiful gowns and other clothing from the beginning of her Second Life. She has given me styling advice and building assistance. Over time we have become friends, and I have now seen her clothing featured on the BOSL and AVENUE runways, and watched her clothing, now more and more often expressed in mesh, take on new heights of elegance and excellence.

This past weekend Carrie asked me to model one of her newest creations, the Marchen Ribbed Dress, in a vendor for her store. I think it is one of the most beautiful dresses I own, very cunning in design, elegant and sexy. I am so very proud to have been asked to model it!

 When I began AVENUE academy this year, Sea Dench asked us what would make us feel like we had achieved true success as a model. Yesterday Carrie surprised me with the news that an ad for her dress would appear in the October issue of AVENUE, featuring one of the pictures she took. While I feel there are many challenges still to conquer (thank goodness!), I really feel as if I’ve stepped through an important door. I’m so excited for this moment, for both Carrie and myself! If you haven’t visited her store, I encourage you to do so. It’s a beautiful place filled with beautiful creations made by an awesome person.

(P.S. Don’t forget to pet the tiger ;D )


Snowpaws Marchen Ribbed Dress
Snowpaws Marchen Pear Necklace – Full Version
Izzie’s – Fuyu Lipstick magenta
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cara” Red 4
Shoes: KoiKoi Perfetti (Slink compatible)
Slink Mesh Feet and Hands
Nails: KOSH – Slink Applier Gradient Metallic Fingernails and Toenails #1

here comes the sun



I had the most wonderful time last week going to as many of the AVENUE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter shows as I could. I went for many reasons – to see the new collections and support friends, of course, but also to learn; to discover how the models expressed the clothing with their styling and presentation. I didn’t always agree with the choices but I always admire the commitment to those choices. In some cases the choices changed how I felt about that clothing – some that I’d viewed in the Fashioncentric HUD before the show and had initially disliked or thought even a little boring came alive under the tender care of the talented AVENUE models.


I had some big favorites coming away and I will try to blog as many as I can before the relentless march of time brings me the next round of irresistable creations. This first is a combination of a blouse I fell in love with at the ARTIZANA show, combined with Zibska hair and jewelry, pants by Legal Insanity and amazing shoes by Lindsey Warwick, who created a set of metallic Ibis pumps on my suggestion (I had bought the black ones for a series of pics that are in my Flickr feed). They are perfect with this outfit and I’m sure this and the other colors will be a hot item during the holiday season – they are super sexy and flattering, and work with my Slink feet! (I am pretty committed to wearing Slink-friendly shoes now, cos I *hate* SLankles 😉 I can fix them in PS but not for dancing! )

Hope you enjoy this outfit – I will be blogging more from the Fashion Week asap!


:: ARTIZANA :: JIGI (dondallia) mesh blouse
Legal Insanity – Ayesha loose pants gold
blackLiquid MAKEUP – orange fizz gloss
*Citrus* Sarasota Belt – Tangerine
Hair – Zibska – Alix ~ Red
Zibska – Carley ~ Necklace & Earrings
[LW] Ibis -Platform Heels- ***GOLD*** SLink (Mesh)

Belo(ve)D Blue Velvet


Although this gown has appeared in Marksi Glom’s feed already, I wanted to do this lovely gown justice by giving it a post of its own. This is a hard gown to capture! It is absolutely lovely, as anything made of blue velvet will be… and if you wear it inworld you will see how lovely. But taking a photo showing its merits took some doing.

I’ve been wearing it lots of places, by the way. So much going on the last few weeks – the BOSL Fashion week, Miss MVW, and now AVENUE’s fall/winter lineup. I hope to feature some of the things I’ve purchased as a result of those events soon. For now, enjoy Estrella by BeloD, accompanied by some shoes from Eclectica.


BeloD – Estrella dress Blue

Izzie’s– Fuyu Lipstick vintage

) AI ( – “Foy Porter” Unisex Ring, Sapphire + Silver [C]

Eclectica  Crushed Velvet Pumps

INCA TEMPLE lady di bracelet and necklace

Vanity Hair: Femme Fatale(L)-Dark Reds