Queen of Spiders

Queen of Spiders

I know I am in the minority when I say I think spiders are pretty cool. When Sofia sent me this dress I bet she worried I might find it too eepy to wear, but she picked the right girl for this gown. Not that I would want to have giant black widows crawling on me irl… but look how shiny! That said – I usually prefer jumping spiders and tarantulas – so fuzzy, nice little characters. What, you want the world should be overrun with bugs? Appreciate!

Happy Hallowe’en to those who celebrate 😀 I love this season – only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving, then my real life birthday, and not long after that, Christmas! And New Year’s Eve… so much chocolate and champagne in my near future hehehee…. But Hallowe’en’s my favorite – I love dressing up.

This pic was taken at Bentham Forest. The description is “dark haunted fantasy forest”, so I guess it’s like this all year. It’s one of the nicest sims of its sort in SL, but also is very highly detailed – might be a challenge for a weaker graphics card – be warned.


.:(CW):. Marry the Night Gown and accessories
Natzuka [makeup] – Shine BLack lips
+ Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + – + Sinner Hands Gloves + Black
Boudoir – Madam Pompadour Hair Powder and Serious vamp lashes
Vendome Jewelry – SPIDRA Ring and Armband
TuTy’s – LUCINE Gothic skin – Stellar

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