Immerse Sequoia Mini

Immerse Sequoia Mini


Immerse Sequoia Minidress

(Kunglers Extra) Nirvana Jewelry

JD – Boheme Boots

Lips: {Dead Apples}Balm Stains – Bubbles – Medium Dark

ATIA CREATIONS Relaxed Lashes – Tintable

Slink Mesh Hands

New Release: Snowpaws Seta Emerald silk sparkle gown (oh my!)

Snowpaws gown 112513

Snowpaws Seta gown detail


Snowpaws Seta Emerald silk sparkle gown
Finesmith MY GIRL Aphrodite MVW Jewelry
Vanity Hair: Venice HP Feux
Izzie’s – Fuyu Lipstick magenta
Leverocci: Belgravia – Leather – Platform T-Bar Pumps -Silver
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet

Yasum Steampunk Leggings for Jewelry and Accessory Expo 2013

yasum steampunk leggings

yasum steampunk leggings_detail2

yasum steampunk leggings_detail1



Jewelry & Accessory Expo Logo
Yasum*Steampunk Leggings*
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer ~ Amulet Seraphina – Long – SILVER
Hair: Exile::Desperately Wanting (L)Dark Reds
{Dead Apples} Balm Stains – Natural – Medium Dark
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Slink Mesh Hands

Yasum Dead End Boots for Jewelry & Accessories Expo

Featured in the 2013 Jewelry & Accessories Expo
Featured in the 2013 Jewelry & Accessories Expo

Goldfrapp & Francia – Black Cherry

Jewelry & Accessory Expo Logo

Yasum *Dead End Boots* (for Jewelry & Accessories Expo)
SUGAR – Leather Zip Up Mini Dress
Vanity Hair: Serendipity(M)-Dark Reds
Dead Apples: Balm Stains – Fall Colors – Red Brick
Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Maxi Gossamer -Necklace – Solar Dream – Short – SILVER + JET
Slink Mesh Hands

Fellini Etincelle for A dream within

Fellini Etincelle_full


Ah, less — less bright
The stars of the night
Than the eyes of the radiant girl!
And never a flake
That the vapour can make
With the moon-tints of purple and pearl,
Can vie with the modest Eulalie’s most unregarded curl —
Can compare with the bright-eyed Eulalie’s most humble and careless curl.

Fellini Etincelle_detail



Fellini Couture – Etincelle gown
Lips: blackLiquid MAKEUP – caramel nude sheer shimmer
Fellini Couture – Etincelle make up
Hair: Zibska: Faye ~ White
Finesmith Lorena Earrings –  platinum
Slink Mesh  Hands and Feet

Désir Lana Gown (for A dream within)

Desir Lana  gown

By the lakes that thus outspread
Their lone waters, lone and dead,-
Their sad waters, sad and chilly
With the snows of the lolling lily,-
By the mountains- near the river
Murmuring lowly, murmuring ever,-
By the grey woods,- by the swamp
Where the toad and the newt encamp-

Lode Emerald Hat and Zibska jewelry

By the dismal tarns and pools
Where dwell the Ghouls,-
By each spot the most unholy-
In each nook most melancholy-
There the traveller meets aghast
Sheeted Memories of the Past-
Shrouded forms that start and sigh
As they pass the wanderer by-
White-robed forms of friends long given,
In agony, to the Earth- and Heaven.

desir butterflies


DESIR Lana gown
Lips – {Dead Apples} Balm Stains – Lilac – Medium
*LODE* Hat – Emerald
Hair – ::Exile:: Waiting for Tonight:Sunset
DESIR Butterflies feet add on
MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Zibska – Pavla ~ Jewelry
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet

Announcing the upcoming Jewelry and Accessory Expo!

Jewelry & Accessory Expo Logo


We are excited to announce our calender with show dates and times. We have a lot lined up with individual shows from 10 top designers in accessories and jewelry including Amarelo Manga, Energie Footwear, Finesmith, Gabriel, Liv Glam, Maxi Gossamer, Pure Poison, VINTAGE Jewels, Violator, and Zibska. In addition we have some really great parties including a Magical Top Hat Masquerade Ball, SL Live Haute Fashionista Party, and the Get Down & Boogey Disco Party.  Not to mention all of the industry parties from AVENUE, KMADD, ModeLS Magazine, SL Live Radio, Gay Archipelago, and Maniera.

We have the amazing Rix Spyker working on the sims. To keep abreast of what he is doing you can follow the build process on the builder blog at:

Everyone is looking forward to seeing you all at Jewelry & Accessory Expo!


FRIDAY DECEMBER 6th, 2013 6-7pm SL Jewelry & Accessory Expo Fashion  Show 7-9pm SL Siren Industry Party

SATURDAY DECEMBER 7th, 2013 12-1pm SL LivGlam Fashion Show 1-3pm SL KMADD Industry Party 6-7pm SL Vintage Jewels Jewelry Show

SUNDAY DECEMBER 8th, 2013 12-1pm Amarelo Mango 1-3pm SL ModeLS Magazine Industry Party

FRIDAY DECEMBER 13th, 2013 12-1pm SL Pure Poison Accessory Show 1-3pm SL AVENUE Industry Party 6-7pm SL Violator Accessory Show 7-9pm Get Down and Boogey Disco Party

SUNDAY DECEMBER 15th, 2013 12-1pm SL Gabriel Accessory Show 1-3pm SL Gay Archipelago Industry Party 6-7pm SL Energie Footwear Show Show 7-9pm SL Magical Top Hat Masquerade Ball

THURSDAY DECEMBER 19th, 2013 6-7pm SL Maxi Gossamer Accessory Show 7pm-9pm SL Maniera Industry Party

FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th, 2013 12-1pm SL Zibska Accessory Show 1-3pm SL SL Live Haute Fashionista Party 6-7pm SL Finesmith Jewelry Show

SATURDAY DECEMBER 21st, 2013 12-1pm SL Jewelry & Accessory Expo Fashion Show 1-3pm – SL SL Live Industry Party


Premium Designers:

Amarelo Manga • Energie Footwear • Finesmith • Gabriel • Liv Glam • Maxi Gossamer • Pure Poison • VINTAGE Jewels • Violator • Zibska

J&A Expo Designers: 7891 {Icky} [Bamboo] Nails [Mystic Canvass] [The Forge] A*S Adjunct AGA Accessories AIDORU Air Alexandra Sautereau Collection Always Eclectic Amacci Amaranthus Aris Aris Atelier M+ Auxiliary B. Barbie BadUnicorn Baiastice BaUbLeS! By Phe Belle Amie Bens Beauty BLACKBIRD Bliensen + MaiTai Boudoir Bowtique Bokeh. BSD Design Studio Cae Original Mesh Jewelry Camensia Creations Cashmere & Keane CentoPallini Cherry House of London Chic Zafari Chimeric Fashions CoLLisions Crystal Line Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Dahlinks Dead Apples Deer Designs by Sebastian Diamante Digital Aura DRD Earthstone’s Eclectica E-Clipse EMO-Tions ESQUE Essenz Fappy Faster Pussycat Faun Unlimited Feel Gamer’s Inc Gang/Cold Gizza Creations Goth1c0 GSpot Handverk Howlers ieQED IdentityBodyShop Image Factory Indrya INNUENDO J&A Rock Culture JD Just Design Jewelry by Jake JfL Just You Jewels K-Code KL Couture Kumaki Kunglers LaRoo Originals Le Primitif Legal Insanity Lime Lode Luas Mad Echo Madrid Solo ME Jewelry miwardrobe accessories MODA ModaMia Modern Couture Modish MY Shoes N1CO Nicclas Design Noodles O.M.E.N Orage Creations Praxis Rachel Breaker Rainbow’s Custom Jewelry Razor Revanche R3volt Rookhold Designs Shine Creations Snow Boa SOGO Son!a Luxury Fashion Sour Pickles! Styles by Danielle Swallow SYS Tableau Vivant Tentacio Things Timeless Designs VG Shoes Wild Oats Xen’s Hats Yasum Yuko Zentro Zuri Jewelry

Siren Productions


Solidea Terra

SoliDea Folies Terra

By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule-
From a wild clime that lieth, sublime,
Out of SPACE- out of TIME.

Bottomless vales and boundless floods,
And chasms, and caves, and Titan woods,SoliDea Folies Terra full
With forms that no man can discover

For the tears that drip all over;
Mountains toppling evermore
Into seas without a shore;

SoliDea Folies Terra hs

Seas that restlessly aspire,
Surging, unto skies of fire;
Lakes that endlessly outspread
Their lone waters- lone and dead,-
Their still waters- still and chilly
With the snows of the lolling lily.

*SoliDea FoliEs* Terra gown
Hair: Zibska – Iris ~ Red
Eyes: Zibska – Honoee ~ Coal
Izzie’s – Dailyn Lipstick medium yellow
*LODE* Hat – TIFOLI [goldplain]
Slink Mesh Hands

Poet’s Heart Aurora

Poet's Heart Aurora gown


‘Twas noontide of summer,
And mid-time of night;
And stars, in their orbits,
Shone pale, thro’ the light
Of the brighter, cold moon,
‘Mid planets her slaves,
Herself in the Heavens,
Her beam on the waves.
I gazed awhile
On her cold smile;
Too cold- too cold for me-

Poet's Heart Aurora



Poet’s Heart – Aurora Gown
Eclectica Crushed Velvet Pumps
Slink Mesh Feet
Izzie’s – Fuyu Lipstick vintage and Glossy Lip Highlights
ATIA CREATIONS Relaxed Lashes – Tintable
Bliensen + MaiTai – Shanghai Lily – Auburn
Donna Flora: DOLORES necklace and earrings

Aliza Karu’s Dream

AD Creations A dream within

For the heart whose woes are legion
‘Tis a peaceful, soothing region-
For the spirit that walks in shadow
‘Tis- oh, ’tis an Eldorado!
But the traveller, travelling through it,
May not- dare not openly view it!
Never its mysteries are exposed
To the weak human eye unclosed;
So wills its King, who hath forbid
The uplifting of the fringed lid;
And thus the sad Soul that here passes
Beholds it but through darkened glasses.

ad dream close

By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have wandered home but newly
From this ultimate dim Thule.


[AD] Dream land gown
.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ MARINA ~ Silver Tones I
eye petals (by me)
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet