a little autumn comfort

Autumn Meadows chairs

I was just added to Immerse’s blogger pool and I’m really excited! Lilly Juno is a professional artist who makes a number of different types of mesh items. Currently she is offering original mesh furniture, and will also begin to offer original mesh clothing as well.

The Autumn Meadows chairs featured here come in the colors featured here, as well as a red version. They are able to be re-sized, and come with some cute poses, both on the chair and on the floor. I love how they look in my home! Zach kitty finds them very comfy.

I’ve added some items by Culprit and {what next} to create this cozy scene. My friend Markski Glom kindly agreed to join me in this post.


Immerse: Autumn Meadows Chairs

Culprit: Posh Pudding Set, Pretty Pear Tea Set, Devon Coffee Table (Faded), Devon Rug, Dragonfly Cottage

{what next}: November Shadow (edited) and Charlotte Large Prints

Dutchie mesh curtains

Shine mesh gothic Mirror

SX Potted Kentia Palms (mesh)

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