Immerse’s opulent pome

Immerse Belladonna Autumn full body

The rich colors and fabric of Immerse’s Belladonna Autumn Gown evoke the best of the season. A classic fur wrap by Laville adds a little more warmth, still letting the crisp chill of autumn air kiss your shoulders. Hidden from view: a pair of crushed velvet pumps by Eclectica – the color-change menu allows these shoes to be paired with many combinations. Completing this luxurious ensemble is the first Autumn set of jewelry by Donna Flora.

Immerse Belladonna Autumn



Immerse Belladonna Autumn Gown
! Laville ! Ribboned Fur Wrap – Colour Change
Izzie’s – Fuyu Lipstick wine
ATIA CREATIONS Relaxed Lashes – Tintable
Donna Flora AUTUMN COLORS jewelry set
Eclectica Crushed Velvet Pumps
Slink Mesh Hands and Feet
Analog Dog: trouble clef paprika


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