BN Inc.’s Classy Leather Sofa for Sexxx Sells Event – warning, moderate content

sit n cuddle - converseI have been so busy with walking in shows (as my alt, SimoneSevette Resident) that I haven’t gotten as much blogging done as I had hoped – trying to squeeze some in before the end of the event. My top priority in this endeavor was to bring to your attention this amazing piece of adult furniture, BN Inc.’ s (Batteries Not Included) Classy Leather Sofa. This is one of the best, most full-featured pieces of adult furniture I’ve encountered (and that includes a lot of Dutchie!).

To begin with – it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. It’s materials-enabled, so in any kind of light lovely textures are revealed. There are many different color choices, and you can adjust this on the entire sofa or have different colors on separate sections. Even without the animations, this will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s SL home.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this furniture has pose balls. We’ve all gotten a little spoiled with ball-less furniture. But once you’ve gotten settled on your ball and accepted the animation, be prepared for a truly sensuous ride, either alone, with a partner, or even multiple partners. The animations are some of the highest quality available, rivaling some of the best current mocap dance animations, very smooth and with subtle and realistic movements. (Don’t get me started on the hip action, gotta concentrate ;D )

Some other features include the ability to adjust the animations by pressing the “page up” and “page down” buttons on your keyboard at the same time, then using different keys to adjust. Also, you can allow or restrict use of different features via the menu.

I’m going to include some links here to photos on Flickr I created with Simone featuring some of the animations. Some of them are labeled “restricted” because they depict sexual intercourse.

Featured Animation: girl/girl – kiss – lap kiss
Featured Animation: girl/girl – hands – close call (restricted)
Featured Animation: girl/girl – lick – sacred (restricted)
Featured Animation: girl/girl – massage – tender (moderate)
Featured Animation: girl – play – keep going (restricted)


If you are an adult furniture aficionado, or you just want a beautiful piece of furniture to add to your SL home, don’t hesitate to visit BN Inc. and check out the Classy Leather Sofa. If you’re a little short on cash, the sex pillow that is included with the sofa is available individually as well.

Sexxx Sells Event
Batteries Not Included (new store!)

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