Belo(ve)D Blue Velvet


Although this gown has appeared in Marksi Glom’s feed already, I wanted to do this lovely gown justice by giving it a post of its own. This is a hard gown to capture! It is absolutely lovely, as anything made of blue velvet will be… and if you wear it inworld you will see how lovely. But taking a photo showing its merits took some doing.

I’ve been wearing it lots of places, by the way. So much going on the last few weeks – the BOSL Fashion week, Miss MVW, and now AVENUE’s fall/winter lineup. I hope to feature some of the things I’ve purchased as a result of those events soon. For now, enjoy Estrella by BeloD, accompanied by some shoes from Eclectica.


BeloD – Estrella dress Blue

Izzie’s– Fuyu Lipstick vintage

) AI ( – “Foy Porter” Unisex Ring, Sapphire + Silver [C]

Eclectica  Crushed Velvet Pumps

INCA TEMPLE lady di bracelet and necklace

Vanity Hair: Femme Fatale(L)-Dark Reds